Theory of Knowledge 2020 Teacher Starter Pack

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What's inside the NEW Theory of Knowledge 2020 Teacher Sample Pack

Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma 3/e

Support your learners as they explore Theory of Knowledge in line with 2020 Guide. Written by bestselling author and TOK guru Sue Bastian, Julian Kitching and Ric Sims. Extremely experienced authoring team of examiners, curriculum reviewers and workshop leaders – Sue Bastian, Julian Kitching and Ric Sims. Provides full coverage of the 2020 curriculum Guide including the Core, Optional themes, and Areas of knowledge. Structured to match the new knowledge framework. Examples of knowledge questions to help students recognise and decipher them. Support for the essay and the new exhibition assessment. Illustrations by TOK teacher Gary Goodwin, to add interest and humour. eBook version contains inspiring lesson plans, particularly helpful for supporting newly qualified TOK teachers.

Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Course Guide

Written by experienced authors and examiners, this third edition encourages students to explore ’What is knowledge? Why, and how do we learn?’. This print and digital course guide helps shape students into internationally-minded citizens as they critically assess the world around them. Students will explore real-world examples and independently reflect on their knowledge, growing as knowers. A dedicated chapter focuses on building skills for assessment, so students will be fully prepared to excel in the essay and exhibition

Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Fourth Edition

Written for the updated 2020 Theory of knowledge syllabus Develop knowledge with this thought-provoking guide through the 5 Areas of Knowledge and the 5 Optional Themes covered in the IB Diploma programme. - Guides students by helping them examine the nature of knowledge and ways of knowing - Develops diverse and balanced arguments with a variety of activities, exploration of knowledge questions and Deeper Thinking features - Aids understanding with detailed definitions of all key terms - Provides assessment support with areas of relevance highlighted for the TOK exhibition or Essay

IB Theory of Knowledge Course Companion 2020 edition

Supporting the latest TOK syllabus, for first teaching September 2020, these inquiry-based resources are developed directly with the IB to help learners navigate complex issues of knowledge. Features A thorough and in-depth account of the new IB DP Theory of Knowledge syllabus, for first assessment 2022, including chapters on each of the five optional Themes and the Areas of Knowledge Extended case studies with fascinating source material that can be used for classroom activities Interesting and challenging content to help students consider a wide range of views and ideas from multiple perspectives Content viewed through the required conceptual framework of 'Scope', 'Perspectives', 'Methods and tools' and 'Ethics' Comprehensive support for the assessment including the Exhibition and Essay